A French Pastry Chef Lends An Artistic Touch To The Classic Éclair

It wasn't always the case, but somewhere between our cultural fixation on colorful, multi-flavored macarons ("the new cupcake") and the current craze for Dominque Ansel's trademarked pastry mash-up, the cronut, the humble French éclair became, well, just that: humble. A modest and rather simple expression of French pastry arts.

But non plus. At Paris' one-year old L'Éclair de Génie, pastry chef Christophe Adam has revamped the average éclair with awesome new flavors and ingredients like yuzu, pistachio, caramel popcorn and crunchy milk chocolate, while adding an artistic touch that lends itself to these modern new designs.

From the decadently textural, to electric, high-gloss hues and digitally printed masterpieces, check out some of Chef Adam's work below.

An assortment from Chef Adam's pastry and chocolate shop, L'Éclair De Genie, located in Paris' Marais neighborhood.[/caption]
Chef Christophe Adam's "Feuille D'Automne" ("Autumn Leaves") seasonal éclair, loaded up with chocolate cream, cocoa streusel, almonds and hazelnuts, caramel, and chocolate leaves.[/caption]
An artfully-dotted version, made with marscarpone and salted caramel.[/caption]
Pastry Renaissance: Chef Adam also applies printed digital imagery to his confections.[/caption]
Taste the rainbow: A spectrum of high-concept flavors (yuzu, pistachio, etc), topped with equally high-gloss finishes. [/caption]