Video: Eddie Huang's Fresh Off The Boat Is Returning This Month

Chef, writer and speaker Eddie Huang is returning to VICE with a second season of his critically acclaimed food and travel series Fresh Off the Boat. Season Two will take viewers on a cavernous dive into cities around the world undergoing rapid transitions. The Taiwanese personality – and chef/owner of New York's popular Baohaus – uses food as an entry point to reveal the struggles, and highlight the ingenuity, of people forced to reinvent their ways of life in the face of modern global capitalism.

The season premiere will take place on Monday, September 30 with the bestselling author traveling to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to live with a tribe of nomadic camel herders whose centuries-old traditions face extinction. Other stops during the seven-episode season will include Moscow, Detroit, London, Chengdu, Shanghai and New York. Take a look at the trailer below.

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