How Do You Plate Spaghetti To Make It Look Nice?

You spent all that time making spaghetti from scratch...well, maybe just the bolognese sauce, but still! The last thing you want to do is plop a heap on a plate and serve it all tangled up like that. Not attractive. Take some pride in your comfort food plating with this easy trick.

You'll need a large fork and a pair of tongs, preferably rubber or silicone-tipped to avoid breaking the pasta strands. Once your spaghetti is finished cooking, that is to say tossed in a warm pot with sauce (a few extra minutes in there helps the sauce soak in), insert the fork into the pot and twirl up as large a serving as won't fall off.

Use the tongs to help keep the wrapped spaghetti on the fork, then gently place the pasta in the bowl and tug to loosen slightly with the tongs. This will make it look less "styled." It's dinner, not a magazine shoot.

Repeat until all the pasta has been plated in loose nests, then garnish and serve. Don't be offended if nobody notices your handiwork — sometimes a big bowl of perfect pasta is just too appealing to not dig in right away.

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