I love the smell of bacon frying to dubstep in the morning, as does Troy Beetles, better known on-stage as Datsik. The young Canadian native who calls LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood home (citing “tacos” and “the party”) has been churning out remixes, performing globally at clubs and festivals, and building up an enormous following since 2008.

We sat down at NYC electronic music festival Electric Zoo after an epic set, where I discovered a friend of his has a list I need to get my hands on. DJ Week is only two months away, you know. Now about that bacon.

I saw you Instagrammed some pretty insane-looking waffle fries. What exactly was the deal there?
I was at breakfast, and basically whenever I go out to eat stuff I try to combine things that shouldn’t be combined. So I got waffle fries, then I put bacon on them, then ketchup on top and then I poured syrup all over it (and I was hung over when I did this). It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Straight-up.

Do you have a name for that?
Bacon-syrup-ketchup fries.

In terms of food, what’s your favorite city to visit on tour?
I really like coming to New York. I have a friend who’s a DJ — Dieselboy. He’s big into food. Most of the time when I’m in New York we go out to nice restaurants and he makes me try stuff I’ve never tried before. He literally has this list he’s emailed to other DJs, the best restaurant in every single city because he’s been touring for so long. I abide by that list. He’s an amazing cook, too.

I always ask Canadian artists about the best poutine in their hometown.
There’s this place in Montreal called La Banquise and it’s basically a 24-hour poutine spot where everyone goes after the bar. It’s the best I’ve had. They have a million different types of poutine. I like the regular with bacon, but I try to switch it up every time I go. Gotta keep it exciting.

I heard “Tequila” somewhere in your set just now. Are you a fan?
Funny story: when I was in Australia, I had this coffee-flavored Patrón I’d never had before. I had one drink, then two drinks, then five. At the time it was the best tequila I’d ever had, but I couldn’t really drink it again after that.

Who could blame you? Well you live in LA now, so let’s talk tacos.
I think the best tacos come from the taco trucks. I live in Los Feliz, so we have this spot right near my house we always go to, like $3 tacos that are so bangin’.

What’s the first thing to hit your lips in the morning?
Usually bacon. I know I’ve brought up bacon like three times now, but I’m just obsessed with it.

If it’s after 3AM, what are you eating?

If it’s bacon, that’s fine.
[laughs] Probably cereal — at that time everyone else is usually asleep. So cereal or something bad, like these nachos I make.

Do you have any pre-show food rituals or habits? Anything interesting on your tour rider?
I always have chips and dip, veggie trays, granola bars, gummy bears.

You and Alex [Boys Noize] both. I talked to him last year and his big tour rider thing was “Gummy bears, Haribo only.” 
Yeah, exactly! It’s gotta be. And then I’ll have a couple of pieces of broccoli to round it out.

What was the last meal you made at home?
My girlfriend cooks for me a lot.

What’s the best thing she makes?
She makes amazing breakfast. She puts tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli and onions in scrambled eggs, I don’t even know but it’s good.

So she’s keeping you alive.
Yeah, definitely.

What’s in your fridge right this second?
Definitely bacon, orange juice and does [my] freezer count? Hash browns. I’m a total breakfast dude.

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