Sander Van Doorn Will Have The Tuna Sashimi

Superstar DJ Sander van Doorn found himself sandwiched right between Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold in DJ Mag's Top 100 list five years ago as the #13-ranked DJ in the world. From his award-winning debut album, Supernaturalistic, to the never-ending global EDM festivals he headlines, it's clear that van Doorn's career knows no boundaries. We'll be hearing about the native Dutch musician/producer on much more than just his weekly (globally syndicated) radio show for many years to come.

We sat down before his set at last weekend's Electric Zoo festival to talk about his latest non-music-related project: his palate. When you travel as much as he does — more or less constantly — you have to keep an open mind.

I saw you Instagrammed some awesome-looking sushi. Where were you?

That was in Ibiza. I'm actually just learning how to eat sushi now because I was never a big fan of fish. Lately though, I've really grown to love it. So in Ibiza a little while back, we took the whole team and went sushi-eating — I wasn't too impressed at first but I'm loving it right now.

What's your new favorite thing on the menu?

Sashimi, tuna especially — that's good.

I also saw an epic stuffed Chipotle burrito dubbed "The Bazooka." What made that Insta-worthy?

I'm discovering a lot of new things I like to eat lately. I went to Mexico and had really great burritos and tacos.

Were you previously a picky eater?

I pretty much used to eat steak and fries and that was it. But trying new foods makes me grow.

So you basically live on the road — what are the factors that determine where you eat?

It's determined by time, mostly. A lot of the gigs I do are really "in and out," so I do a lot of room service. When I have a little bit of time, I go out. But time's the biggest factor there.

What are three staples that are always in your fridge at home?

A nice bottle of French Chardonnay, a big bowl of mayonnaise — obviously because I'm Dutch. And milk.

What's the first food to hit your lips in the morning?

A double espresso.

Have you ever had a really good dinner at a club?

Now that you mention it, I had a really good dinner playing at the Lake Festival in Vienna last weekend — weinerschnitzel. It was absolutely insane, giant sides of fries, just before my set and it was kind of like an eye-opener, like, "Wow, I can actually have some food." And the set went really well.

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