Here's Why You Shouldn't Miss Upper Crust Pie Camp At Paws Up In Montana

It's all about pie – I mean the really impressive golden-brown-crusted, aromatic pie. And, not only eat it but learn how to make your own confections. The Upper Crust workshops take place at various locations around Paws Up. All the ingredients, recipes, and snacks are provided. And, it's a good thing they provide snacks because the aroma of a pie baking will make your stomach twist up in knots of hunger and anticipation.

At the Resort at Paws Up in Montana, you have the opportunity to learn from master baker Kate McDermott. "Upper Crust" is the truthful name for this weekend workshop of pie wizardry.

Kate McDermott started perfecting her skills in the Art of the pie in the nineties. In 2005, she did in-depth crust-making experimentation with different flours, fats, ratios, and recipes. If you were to list Kate's skills and experiences it would look like the curriculum for a PhD in pie crust. 

If vacationing at Paws Up weren't already enough of a reason to make the trek to Montana, Upper Crust is icing on the pie. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn crust-making and seasonal pie filling secrets alongside veteran pie whisperer Kate McDermott. 

Are you ready for more good news? In the evening after your day of baking, you get to enjoy exquisite meals made by the same top chefs leading the workshop. The "camp counselors" for Upper Crust are master chefs themselves including Robin Leventhal, Dale Levitski and Ben Jones.