Not The Wurst! Burger King Selling Brat Sandwiches At Various Wisconsin Locations.

This morning the Twitter account for burger watchdog website Burger Business tipped us off to a brand new special at Burger King that is sort of blowing our minds in more ways than one. For a very limited time, Burger King locations throughout the state of Wisconsin are offering what only can be described as a bratwurst sandwich, though some have gone so far as to call it a bratwurst burger. Regardless of what it's called, we had to investigate.

"They are really quite good," declared an employee we spoke with at the King's 6th Street location in Wausau. She filled us in on some details. A single grilled Johnsonville brat, sliced length-wise, is placed in the iconic chicken sandwich sesame bun and topped with yellow mustard and slices of raw onion. No ketchup is ever allowed! Well, it's allowed, but not served with iconic sausage.

According to the worker, the promotion started last week and has been selling well with a special price of 2 for $5. When pressed for details about the sandwich's origin, how long the promotion will run and if there are other bratwurst-related specials in the pipeline, the worker (rather diplomatically) claimed those decisions are "solely up to corporate."

As we found out last week from chef Adam Perry Lang (a proud alumni of the University of Wisconsin), brats are the state's pride and joy, with a deeply engrained tubesteak culture that usually includes a pilgrimage to State Street Brats in Madison.

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