Call It Sidewalk To Table: Here's An Edible Chalkboard Cake

Hipster wedding planners are probably smacking their heads right now. The cake's exterior is made from fondant dusted lightly with powdered sugar (for a slightly more aged chalkboard look)

Right up there with mason jars and edison bulbs, chalkboard-inspired designs have been a major (or perhaps even overused?) design meme of late, visible on sidewalks and restaurant walls throughout trendier neighborhoods from Williamsburg to Silver Lake. Here's something we haven't seen before, though: a chalkboard cake that's 100-percent edible.

Lifestyle blogger Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry recently featured one on her site, an incredibly easy three-tiered number made from boxed cake mix, black fondant and white chocolate melts (for the edible chalk pieces). Simply roll out the fondant and lay it atop the various pieces before going to town with the chalk and your most inspired typset font.

Would you apply this trend to your baked goods? Whether the cake is a quirky jab at a hipster trend gone too far or a sincerely customized confection, one thing's for sure: it definitely makes that post-Labor Day "back to school" feeling a little easier to swallow.

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