Here's Everything You Need To Know For Grilling Crisp, Delicious Sausages

This weekend is the most important sausage-grilling fest of the year, excluding Oktoberfest and National Grilled Sausages Day. Yes, Labor Day Weekend is prime barbecue season. And we're hunting tubesteaks.

Personally, I like to poach sausages in a little beer, then throw them on a super-hot grill — the less time they spend on it, the less chance there is of overcooking and scorching. You want them cooked through inside and slightly charred on the outside, not burned and undercooked or slow-cooked so all the fat drips out. Here are a few other tips:

  • Wrap them in bacon
  • Slice them lengthwise and invert for faster cooking time and crispier skin
  • Serve them with sauerkraut designed for sausages
  • Top with spicy homemade ketchup
  • Trick them out Food Republic Test Kitchen-style

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