Yay For A Brand-New, Much More Attractive SodaStream Bottle!

At last, a SodaStream bottle redesign that may just enable me to shamelessly lug a fresh carafe to the gym! That's right, I was previously too put-off by the clunky, dull gray bottle to enjoy a crispy-fresh seltzer on the bike. Bike, not SoulCycle. You can't drink seltzer and SoulCycle at the same time, or you will become a human volcano science project. Which brings me back to world-class design engineer Yves Béhar, who re-tooled the gadget's look to the much-acclaimed SodaStream Source last year, and just launched the matching bottle.

Inspired by the shape of a water droplet (yeah, design engineering!) the bottle is sleeker and much sturdier, withstanding a mammoth 5000+ uses! Seriously, that's enough carbonated water to hydrate a mammoth.

So take your seltzer's training wheels off and celebrate the great water drop — pre and post-carbonation — with this epic moment in beverage-crafting history.

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