Video: Wait, Have We Been Cooking Corn On The Cob The Wrong Way?

If you glance at the calendar you will notice that we are entering that crucial period in late summer when produce is absolutely hitting its peak. This weekend we stopped by our local farmers market in Brooklyn, where tomatoes were basically exploding on the table. Another vegetable hitting its stride is sweet corn. In figuring out how we were going to enjoy this corn (indeed, we bought a bunch of it at the market and it's in our dinner plans all week), we started hunting around for the best preparation — to grill? Boil? Shave raw? And while Mexican-style elote is probably our favorite preparation, we think the simple steam is also a great way to go. But the best way to get there? Allow our friends at Foodbeast to offer a solid kitchen hack.

Here are some of our favorite corn recipes on Food Repubic: