Food Republic’s Good Food, Rocks series takes you inside the life of hungry musicians on the run (or on the stay — we look in their fridges all the time). They travel, they eat, they have great stories, and I personally always ask this question at the end of the interview: “You just invented a sandwich called (name of latest album or single). What’s in it?” Every musician puts a lot of thought into it, and I’ve gotten some pretty wild responses. One band started yelling and throwing stuff at each other…but I think that might have just been a rough day. Shoulda brought beer.

Check out the culinary creations of some of my favorite Good Food bands. I’ve actually made the Hot Mess, it’s delicious.

Chromeo’s “Hot Mess”
Pickled eggplant
Oil and vinegar

Small Black’s “The Limits Of Desire”
Deep-fried crispy foie gras (or eggplant)
Sunny-side duck egg
Some kind of slaw

DJ Paul Oakenfold’s “The Pop Killer”
Cole slaw
Lettuce, tomato, avocado and cucumber
Salt, pepper and a little mayo

Dada Life’s “Red Meat/White Noise”
A lot of red meat
Lots of chilis.
White noise (“You just make it while you eat it, like, “pssssh-pssssh-pssssh.”)

Night Moves’ “Country Queen”
Pepper jack
Cream cheese
“Just like, a dank mustard. Like Grey Poupon.”
A blackberry stuck on a toothpick to hold it together.

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