Rock Steady: Paleo-Inspired Tableware For The Modern Man

The image of cavemen hammering away at fine bone china seems an utterly absurd one, making designer Max Lamb's "Crockery" collection all the more brilliant — there's more than meets the eye.

The British designer, known for his use of natural materials, created a four-piece set of paleo-inspired bowls for the tabletop by handcarving blocks of plaster with stonemasonry tools before slip-casting them in porcelain. Though they look like objects that might actually break your table (or your back if you tried to lift them), the bowls are practically weightless by comparison.

As for appearances, they're rugged to say the least. Are you man enough?

Too cool to just stare at: The bowls, produced in Staffordshire, England (well-known for its fine bone china production) have glazed interiors so you can actually use them.[/caption]
Buy yourself some roses: A bouquet of delicate flowers arranged in this caveman's vase would make the ultimate contrast.[/caption]

Max Lamb's Crockery collection is now available at L'Arcobaleno ($46-$130).