Our Own Cat Food Reviewer Dives Nose-First Into Purrfect Bistro

I color myself as a sophisticated cat — a well-groomed orange Turkish Van who seeks out the finer things in life. You see that Roche Bobois pet bed and Phillip Lim scratching post over there? They're mine. And when it comes to food, I only want the best of the best. When I read Cat Critic W. "Mittens" Bloomfield's review of Purrfect Bistro in today's New York Times Dining Section, I began to incessantly head-butt with pleasure. Finally, a cat food that speaks to my sophisticated taste. I hung on Bloomfield's every word:

"Chicken à la King was followed by Tuna Pâté. Bite after bite, rich little moments of food ran into one another as if to create a kaleidoscope of tastes and textures, or a polychromatic fantasy that ended in a Taj Mahal made of chicken and tuna. My rating: Awetastic. Scrumdelicious. Purrfect Bistro will have you searching the thesaurus for synonyms of "delicious."

I am a big fan of Bloomfield's deft opinion and scrupulous reporting standards – so much so that I ran right down the alley to buy a can or two. But which one to try? There are so many options — my head was spinning like the time somebody brought over a laser pointer to my parent's house. There's Turkey Pâté, Tuna Nicoise and Thanksgiving Day dinner. Cowboy Cookout looked nice — I recalled my friend Rory Fancy Paws mentioning how much he enjoyed it.

But when all was said and done, I chose the Beef Wellington. Once my mom cracked the can and scooped it onto a plate, I nosed the heady notes of real beef and tender peas. But on the tongue, the marriage of tastes and textures amidst bites of high-quality beef was even more complex. It was one of the most astonishing meals I've had in years, which includes the time my dad left out an entire lid of Greek yogurt, and those bites of broccoli I stole from the strainer in the sink. I am happy to report that Bloomfield has once again proven his ability to scout out the best of the best. My rating: Paw-some.

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