FR Taste Test: Can We Tell The Difference Between Goat And Sheep's Milk Yogurt?

We eat so much yogurt at Food Republic we dedicated a whole week to it. Maybe it's because we're all growing boys and girls and need our calcium, maybe it's because yogurt is delicious. My personal theory is we're all Fage-addicts because the stuff practically digests your food for you (something we all need from time to time). So I broke out two alternative yogurts — goat and sheep — to see if we could tell the difference between them, and how we liked each in comparison to that which lies under the parchment.

Wouldn't you know it, we all guessed which was goat and which was sheep...except a certain highest-ranking member of the editorial team. It's okay, he or she had a 50/50 shot (it was Editorial Director Richard Martin). You might remember how insanely harsh we critique when it comes to yogurt, but no matter the jabs, we liked both of them and would definitely switch up our game with either, particularly if granola or berries are around.

Yogurt #1: Goat

"Sweet, with a pronounced aftertaste. Seems like it'd go well with berries. Texture is more dense, almost curdled?"

"Tastes like watered-down, poor-quality goat cheese."

"This tastes just like goat cheese so I'm guessing this one is made from goat milk. It has a bitter taste and a creamy texture."

"This is gross, way too thin and chalky. I'm putting my money on goat milk, it tastes like runny, melted goat cheese."

Conclusion: If you like goat cheese, you'll like goat yogurt. Sounds like everyone was in the mood for goat cheese, though, which was hardly the yogurt's fault.

Yogurt #2 Sheep

"Creamy, kind of bland. Would be okay with granola or something."

"Is this sheep's yogurt or sheep's turds?" (Thank you, George, thanks).

"The yogurt is sour and has a lumpy texture."

"I like it, tart and refreshing. Perhaps a bit too tart."

Conclusion: Fans of Greek yogurt will like the extra tartness in sheep's milk yogurt — definitely worth a try. Lactard? There's a solid chance amino acid-rich sheep milk won't trigger your allergy!

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