When Getting Carried Away With Instagram Goes Wrong

This morning, the NY Post's Page Six reports that reality TV dude Jonathan Cheban, who is apparently a friend of Kim Kardashian's or something, fought off an attempted mugging in the Hamptons over the weekend after getting carried away on Instagram. First, Cheban tweeted a photo of his delicious-looking lobster salad at 75 Main to his 500,000-plus followers. Then, perhaps feeling giddy from the fresh, tasty shellfish, he snapped a shot of his ultra-luxury Jacob The Jeweler watch. That's when the trouble started, according to the Post.

Cheban captioned his watch close-up, "22 karat's is a bit much for daytime, LOL," which attracted the attention of a nearby would-be mugger. The Post reports that a man soon approached Cheban and began speaking with him before lunging at the watch and trying to steal it. Cheban reportedly fought back despite being pushed to the ground, and a security guard intervened, scaring off the would-be thief, who remains at large.

So did Cheban learn his lesson? Apparently not, his Instagram feed shows a photo of a garish-looking ice cream sundae from the next day with the caption, "Happy Sunday. In still recovering from last night."

P.S. An aside to Cheban's "people": Give us a ring and let's arrange an FR Instagram Takeover! That lobster salad shot racked up more than 11,000 likes!