7 Eggs Benedict Recipes To Make For Brunch This Weekend

All brunch enthusiasts (even the noobs) know and love Eggs Benedict. The formula is simple: poached eggs on toasted English muffins drizzled generously with tangy, buttery Hollandaise sauce, sometimes with a salad or potatoes on the side. We've enjoyed this dish more times than we can count, which means it's time to switch it up. Below are 7 recipes for Eggs Benedict ranging from the classic with smoky Canadian bacon to a Benny topped with fresh seafood. Hungry?

Steak and Chipotle Eggs Benedict Recipe

Steak and eggs and eggs Benedict collide for a hearty brunch.

Quesadillas "Benedict" Recipe

Be adventurous. Slap some eggs on that cheesy quesadilla.

Seafood Eggs Benedict Recipe

Once you've mastered a basic hollandaise sauce you can create endless versions of this breakfast favorite. This one is for you seafood lovers.

Healthier Eggs Benedict Recipe

The word "healthy" is usually not found anywhere near the phrase "Eggs Benedict." But this version of the poached egg dish with the luxe Hollandaise sauce swaps out the butter for yogurt, making for a lighter and healthier yet still indulgent brunch.

Classic Canadian Bacon Eggs Benedict Recipe

Conquer this classic recipe.

Eggs Benedict BLT With Avocado-Tomato Relish Recipe

Two classics come together in one brunch dish.

Fried Soft-Shell Crabs Benedict Recipe

Swap that English muffin out for some soft shell crab for the best brunch imaginable.