Video: 10 Food-Related Hacks To Save You Time, Money And Sanity

While studying in Madrid last year, and scouring the city like a maniac, I finally found peanut butter. Victory, right? Until I got home and realized I couldn't open the jar for the life of me. After a few weeks I mustered up the courage to ask my host family to ayudame. Had I only known the simple duct tape trick, I could have been indulging in my beloved American spread that much sooner.

Everyone loves a good hack. But when it's food-related, you get the satisfaction of pulling off the trick and end up with delicious stuff to eat. Rising YouTube stars HouseHold Hacker put together a video of 10 awesome tricks to help you in the kitchen, whether you suffer from weak-wristed jar twisting or anxiety over where to put your drippy spoon when cooking sauce.

Watch this to learn how to shine shoes with a banana, cook a whole batch of "hard-boiled" eggs in the oven, and reheat pizza without the microwave's soggy aftermath. And I don't understand anyone who prefers their cookies crunchy, so I'm definitely writing the cookie-softener trick down.

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