NYC Party Flicks: Food Republic + Finger On The Pulse BBQ Blowout

Wow, what a BBQ Blowout season! We partnered with the Finger on the Pulse dudes, Greg and Darin Bresnitz, to help promote their long-running Brooklyn series, and this summer's lineup pretty much ruled. Ten bucks got lucky attendees a plate of grub and a Brooklyn Brewery beer, with chefs like Dale Talde, Marc Vetri, and this past week's guest, Jamie Bissonnette (from Boston's Toro and Coppa, and coming soon to Manhattan with Coppa NY), dishing out the goods at Williamsburg spot Good Co. Sadly, like all good things, another BBQ Blowout season has come to an end. But not before we post shots from this past Tuesday's event.

Food Republic's Matt Rodbard (left), with DJ Dr. Sussman.[/caption]
John Bush of Pork Slope and Talde fame (left) with guest.[/caption]
Toro Corn, the night's breakout food hot. [/caption]
Ice cream and mayonnaise maestro Sam Mason (center) and friends.[/caption]
The backyard at Good Co.[/caption]
Guests enjoying late-summer weather, and plates of pig's head sloppy joes, corn and spicy macaroni.[/caption]
Happy BBQ Blowout guests.[/caption]
Food Republic's Editorial Director Richard Martin (left) and Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard also DJ'd.[/caption]
Bissonnette's take on a Brooklyn picnic plate. [/caption]
Jamie Feldmar (left) and guests.[/caption]
Alex Tanguay (left) and Food Republic's Eva Karagiorgas[/caption]
Jamie Bissonnette (right) and Team[/caption]
Greg (left) and Darin Bresnitz thank Jamie Bissonnette for cheffing the last Blowout of the season.[/caption]