Food News: Will Chipotle Start Using Meat With Antibiotics?

Chipotle fans know that by buying a burrito they're doing more than just enjoying an exquisite blend of barbacoa and guacamole; they're making a socially responsible purchase. But Chipotle's famed commitment to using antibiotic-free meat whenever possible as part of its "food with integrity" campaign came under scrutiny this week when Bloomberg Businessweek reported that the chain would relax its antibiotic-free policy.

Bloomberg's article raised alarm among Chipotle devotees and prompted a recantation from the company's spokesman, Chris Arnold, who claimed he gave Bloomberg "incorrect information." Nevertheless, Arnold went on to say that Chipotle is reevaluating its strict stance on banning antibiotic use given to livestock who have been ill.

In other news this week:

  • The Washington Post points to the salad dressing market as a way to analyze the current economy.
  • Cereal company General Mills is hoping the FDA will favorably define "whole grain" in a way that enables products to be labeled "whole grain" even if the contain refined grains as well without having to add a percentage breakdown of whole vs. refined grains.

  • Bloomberg reports on House Republicans' eagerness to cut the food stamp budget despite the fact that many of their constituents rely on the federally funded program. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post argues that millions of Americans who are eligible for food stamps don't use them, despite what some conservatives may have us believe.
  • And last but not least, the Iowa State Fair's renowned butter cow sculpture was vandalized this week by members of Iowans for Animal Liberation, who covered the sculpture in red paint and wrote "Freedom for All" on the glass display. The cow has since been restored to its former buttery glory.