Hack Of The Day: Electrocute A Hot Dog, Enjoy Lunch

You're bored, you say? Well, break out a pack of hot dogs and grab an extension cord, because you're about to electrocute yourself some lunch!

Here's what you'll need, besides being insane to utilize this method, as it's quite dangerous and unwise:

  • A cord from a no-longer-needed appliance (see below)
  • Wire stripper
  • Two nails
  • A hot dog, thawed completely if frozen

Again, you are borderline insane to do this.

  1. Cut off whatever is at the other end of the cord (reminder: nothing you ever need to plug in again), like an old blender or fan (that still works). Strip the last inch and a half to two inches down and separate the two wires, then twist each wire firmly below the head of each nail as tightly as you can.
  2. Insert a nail into each end of the hot dog about halfway, then lay the hot dog on something non-reactive (such as a plate not made out of metal).
  3. Plug your dog in and don't stand back, cause you'll want to see this. Okay stand back a little; it's still a live wire attached to meat. Within a few seconds you'll start to see steam rising.
  4. In about 30 seconds your hot dog will appear "cooked," perspiring like a good cooking hot dog.
  5. Avoiding the wires and nails, give it a poke to make sure it's hot enough, then eat that tubesteak of the future. Or apocalypse.

Now, remember, we're doing this with pre-cooked hot dogs. This "technique" will not electrocute a raw sausage to sizzling completion. And if you don't have access to at least fire, you probably don't have access to electricity. But this isn't about practicality, it's about boredom, showing off and not just eating another regular hot dog.

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