3 New Clubs To Hit. Club Sandwiches That Is.

One of the very first things I ever made in the Food Republic Test Kitchen was a turkey club sandwich. Our recipes section was newly launched, and it's important to start from the very beginning if you're going to do something right. A few other great things came out of the kitchen that day (the tuna blob in particular). But the turkey club of all things was devoured over and over again. As in "we realize we're past this part of the photoshoot, but can you make a few more turkey clubs?"

Guys, there's a perfectly good Reuben on the "finished photographing" table.

"Yeah, I like my bacon really crunchy!"

Cool. So inspired by that day, I'd like us to hit a few new clubs you might like — to the tune of "main attraction, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato and fries on the side." Because club sandwiches have to have fries on the side, and can definitely have an extra slice of toast in the middle.

Club "Roasted Beat"

If you're not a fan of beets, you should reconsider. Layer thinly sliced roasted beets on thick white sandwich bread, because they will stain both the bread and goat cheese mayo a very attractive shade of fuchsia. What's goat cheese mayo? Goat cheese mixed with mayo and maybe some chives! Top with bacon, lettuce and tomato for a Flexitarian Wednesday treat you might even come back to on Ribeye Friday.

The Italian Club With The Fake Accent

Swap the bacon for crispy prosciutto (lots of it), mix some pesto into that mayo and top with romaine, roasted red peppers and tomatoes. Now the turkey's sporting an accent it says it can't help. How endearing.

Club Ventrèche

Hiding behind a chic French name, this behemoth swaps out the turkey for crispy pork belly, the skin of which counts as the bacon. Mayo is still absolutely necessary, just not tons of it. Super-ripe tomatoes and butter lettuce round out this sandwich for something you would totally, totally order if it was on a menu. Especially flanked by fries.

So move your BLT to the club and take a picture, cause then everyone will want one.

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