Meatless Monday: 10 Light Lunches That Go Heavy On The Veggies

In order to properly celebrate Meatless Monday, I think it's prudent to have a wide selection to choose from. If not, like kids, all we'll want is what we can't have. And when I say "can't have," I mean "come on folks, it's one friggin' day a week, let's do this in solidarity, because Meatless Monday is one of those rare genuinely great concepts born solely out of concern for the greater good of humanity."

Consequently, I thought I'd quickly bring up vegetebeauty again, then toss 10 meat-free lunch suggestions your way. No salads, just hearty, filling lunch ideas to keep you going strong until the steam whistle blows, you grab your helmet and indestructable-looking stainless steel lunch box that one might keep tools in today and hit the old dusty trail. Or pack up your laptop, pop in your headphones and strut to the train, whatever.

  1. Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

  2. The French Cheese Sandwich (it's Meatless Monday, not Fatless Monday)
  3. Really Good Eggplant Ideas
  4. Caprese Sandwich
  5. Baked Tofu
  6. An International Selection of Lentil Patties
  7. Zested-Up Egg Salad
  8. Veggie Burrito
  9. A Great Alternative To Falafel
  10. Gazpacho vs. Borscht: Fight!

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