Check Out These Biodegradable Eating Utensils Made From Vegetable Fats

Disposable forks and knives — even coffee lids — composed from biodegradable materials have been around for some time now, but never have we seen such a literal and artistic take on plant-based plastics. For her diploma project at École Cantonale D'Art de Lausanne in Switzerland, designer Qiyun Deng fashioned biodegradable eating utensils from PLA (a bioplastic material derived from vegetable fats, oils or starches) in the likeness of its plant-based sources. Below, a petal of an artichoke becomes the bowl of a spoon, while a celery stem acts as the handle of a fork. According to Deng, the collection serves as a visual reminder that form and function — fundamentals of design — exist inherently in nature, easily lending themselves to artificial and deliberately designed objects. Check out the rest of the collection below.

Biodegradable or not, who would really want to throw these away?[/caption]
Deng also created a bowl and a cup in the form of citrus fruits.[/caption]

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