The Cult Of Duke's Mayonnaise Has Inspired Duke's Mayonnaise Fan Art

When we dropped the results of a very impromptu mayonnaise taste test last month, we got some comments on Facebook and Twitter. First, there were the mayonnaise haters — who we quickly dismissed for their lack of condiment common sense. Who are you people?

The second, third, fourth and fifth comments? We heard from the Duke's fans. If you didn't know, Duke's is a popular mayonnaise brand in the southeastern United States. In 1917, Eugenia Duke began selling her namesake spread to World War I soldiers stationed at Camp Sevier – located just outside Greenville, South Carolina. Since then Duke's has become a favorite of the South for its unique tanginess. Not quite as biting as say Kewpie, but not as half-committed as Miracle Whip. Serious Eats, in their much more serious mayonnaise taste test, rated Duke's second out of nine brands. But if you travel to places like Georgia and Alabama, Duke's is the only choice.

Duke's is also the inspiration for Duke's-related fan art, which was compiled in a fun story by the Southern Foodways Alliance. In short, the SFA is the Oxford, Mississippi–based non-profit dedicated to documenting (and proselytizing) the diverse food culture of the American South. This includes the adoration of a truly Southern spread.

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