Video: How To Open A Sea Urchin And Not Bleed To Death

Uni remains one of the most treasured delicacies in the Japanese cuisine. In the video below, Zagat presents a hands-on demonstration on how to open and eat the live – yes, the chef is correct in stating that live is the only way to go – spiny critters. As you can see, a lot of work goes into that single piece of delightfully slimy reproductive organ that you receive as part of your pricey omakase meal.

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Having grown up diving for and opening sea urchins over summers in Greece, I can offer these personal critiques of the methods displayed above:

  1. One of these bad boys will solve any and all of your opening problems and further reduce any chance of injury. No need for scissors, fork, knife or any other kitchen item.
  2. Directly flushing the opened shell with water (salt water, preferably) will quickly get rid of all the urchin's insides, save for the edible organs.
  3. The five-fold formation of the organs is perfect for scooping straight out of the shell and enjoying with a spoon.

All in all, effective strategies and a valient effort put forth by chef Mark Dommen of San Francisco's One Market!

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