Check Out These Really Old Booze Bottles Uncovered In New York City

Could 200 year-old bottles of alcohol be buried underneath your neighborhood sidewalk? That was the case in Manhattan's Financial District last week, where DNAinfo reports that construction workers dug out a trove of liquor bottles more than two centuries old from a 15-foot stretch of Fulton Street at the corner of Titanic Park and Water Street. The bottles may have originated from a handful of taverns located in the area long ago to accommodate traveling sailors, according to the archaeological firm hired to oversee the construction process.

Are the workers now able to enjoy a drink or two to celebrate their findings? Well, not exactly. While many of the bottles are still intact and some even have their original corks, the liquor is long gone. Alas, there is no justice in the drinking world. On second thought, this is probably a good thing, considering that some company bigwig would have found a way to profit off the supremely aged booze.

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