Wendy's Hot Drinks Training Video, Chopped And Screwed By The Hood Internet

As we mentioned yesterday, covering fast food here at Food Republic can be a complicated...except when it's not, in the case of the classic 1980s employee training video from our favorite third-place national burger (and apple pecan chicken salad) slinger Wendy's. In a creative and woefully misguided attempt to connect with their younger workforce, the company hired a little-known singer named Marvin Hawkins to write and perform a song built around the general premise that hot drinks get you going, and furthermore, they warm you up when you feel you're slowing. Also, we learn that hot cocoa rhymes with H2O.

And as a bonus, our food-serious DJ friends The Hood Internet were good enough to chop-and-screw Hawkins' magnum opus. Because, well, this is what The Hood Internet does when not touring the world and releasing albums and mixtapes. They also once designed an album cover made from $500 worth of Taco Bell taco shells. Lovers of fast food, The Hood Internet.