The Kiwi Burger That Contains No Kiwi

I realize the Kiwi burger (a product of New Zealand, but also claimed by the Aussies) is no news at all — similar to how I've only just started listening to "Blurred Lines" even though it's allegedly the song of the summer. Hey look, I can sell lowest common denominator stuff too — cronuts really aren't that hard to make! But all that aside, I've recently become obsessed with Kiwi burgers, which is great because they're on a lot of menus, repelling a lot of beet-haters which just means more for me.

To clarify, it's not a beet burger. That sounds like a terrible burger, and I really like beets. Young children of the culinarily inclined learn at an early age which food materials are best for "fingerpainting." Beets are very much on that list, as are things containing turmeric. The Kiwi burger is topped with thinly sliced beet ("beetroot" on that side of the world), very sharp white cheddar and a sunny side-up egg.

I have visions of golden beets on a salmon burger with a fried duck egg. Striped beets on a turkey burger with brie and some kind of beer mustard. Actually, I just made Brooklyn Summer Ale mustard, so with that. If I wasn't in the test kitchen making burgers all day (none of which is a Kiwi/Aussie burger, absurdly) I'd literally sit here and come up with 30 more ideas for variations on a Kiwi burger. Maybe I'll take a break later and come back to it.

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