This Wine Label Makes It Really Easy To Want To Empty The Bottle

Before you've even had your first sip of the stuff, here's a wine that will already have you seeing things. To highlight its youngest vintage Laltre, a 2012 blend of monastrell, merlot and garnacha grapes, the Catalan winery Lagravera recruited the Barcelona-based design firm Dorian to create a double-take-inducing label. And we'd say they pretty much nailed it (see below).

Not only does the right side up/upside down illustration set the young wine apart from Lagravera's other vintages and offerings, which have a more minimalist aesthetic, it's also cleverly emblematic of the duality of the wine's age and the time-honored techniques and methods that went into its production. Any way you look at it, thumbs up to this cool and relevant design concept.

Young dude with a scarf or an old guy with a turban? Dorian's illustrated design is one clever way to play with visuals, while calling attention to an important aspect of the wine's history.[/caption]
Upside down is just as right-side-up.[/caption]