Michael Ian Black Talks McDonald's, Compares Gramercy Tavern To Taco Bell

"There's a certain smugness you get when you walk into a McDonald's and you say, 'I'd like the salad!'" quips Michael Ian Black in this interview from the Food Republic Interview Lounge at the W Austin during the Austin Food & Wine Festival. The actor and comedian behind The State and several high-quality podcasts (not to mention that he's a twitter auteur) recently switched to salads when the chain took his favorite dish off the menu, a dish he affectionately refers to in the video as "The McSaltLick." He also reveals how while, on the one hand, he loves the Gramercy Tavern, he can get the same satisfaction out of a meal at Taco Bell. So, not a foodie...

Watch Editorial Director Richard Martin interview Michael Ian Black in Austin:

Michael Ian Black Talks Food from Food Republic on Vimeo.

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