What's The Deal With Lobster Legs? Why Do We Even Bother?

Few things are more satisfying than cracking open a lobster tail, harvesting the meat, dunking it in clarified butter and enjoying one of the best bites in the ocean. Ditto claws and knuckles — they're like the dark meat, intensely flavorful and more tender. But what about the legs? Your lobster has 'em, eight to be precise. Here's our take.

Got a little extra time on your hands while the lobster smell permeates extra-deep into your skin and clothes? Snack on the last bit of goodness: the legs. The best way to loosen and remove the meat is to twist each leg off the body, then twist each into its natural section, bite down on the ends to loosen the little bits of meat and lobster juice inside and suck out. Some mouth-gymnastics will be involved — rock it. Nobody's judging you at a lobster place, not even the lobsters.

It's a little tedious and a lot of mouthwork for not very much meat, but if you're anything like us, one whole lobster is not enough. While we're waiting for the second to arrive, we'll gladly quell the shakes by extracting every last morsel from that shell.

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