Food On Screen (And In Your Hands): The 7th Annual NYC Food Film Festival

Gone are the days when spectators are left empty-bellied and salivating as image after image of food porn taunts from the screen before them. The NYC Food Festival gives guests a full sensory experience, serving food-based films along with corresponding dishes to feed both the eye and the stomach. This year's festival, October 23-27, will screen over 30 films. The selections are in, so attendees know what dishes they'll be sinking their teeth into: Martin Berg's beer-braised ox cheek, Larry Cauldwell's romance-infused fondue and boozy cupcakes from NYC's Prohibition Bakery, to name a few.

Travel Channel host and documentary filmmaker, George Motz (the man behind the award-winning film Hamburger America) and co-creator Harry Hawk established the festival in Brooklyn in 2007 as a venue to showcase documentaries, features and short films all involving food. Since then, the Festival has spread to Chicago and Charleston, SC. Produced in association with the James Beard Foundation, the Festival benefits local non-profits, such as the Food Bank For New York City, The Good Food Project and GrowFood Carolina.

The nominees are vying for awards in seven categories: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Super-Short, Best Food Porn, Audience Choice Award, Made in New York Award and Food Filmmaker of the Year. The full list of this year's selections (complete with brief but mouth-watering descriptions) might just convince you to secure a seat and plate at this year's showing.

1. 1 Minute Meal: Blessed by Brisket

Dir. James Boo, 1:06 min

David's Brisket House is a Jewish Deli run by Yemenite Muslims in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy. A snapshot of pastrami, brisket and corned beef sandwiches that aren't strictly halal or kosher, but are 100% New York.

2. Beer Braised Ox Cheek

Dir. Matt Checkowski, 1:00 min, World Premiere

One of Chef Martin Berg's culinary dreams, just backwards.

3. Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada

Dir. Gabriel Taraboulsy, 4:17 min, World Premiere

Joseph Cordova reminisces about his very first fish taco experience and shares the impetus for opening his now-famous Los Angeles stand, Best Fish Taco in Ensenada.

4. The Chile Film (La Sangre Rojo y Verde de Nuevo Mexico)

Dir. Kelly Brinn Urig, 26:46 min, NYC Premiere

In New Mexico's vibrant culture, no food stands above the chile, revered for its unique taste and quality. For generations, the chile farmers of New Mexico have dedicated their lives to this indigenous pepper.

5. Confessions of a Culinista

Dir. Alex Scharfman, 1:35 min, World Premiere

Jill Donenfeld, founder of The Culinistas, explores her love of food and the thoughtful preparation of a simple meal in this food porn short.

6. Dumpling Tales

Dir Erik Olsen, 4:14 min, World Premiere

The story of two restaurants – Talde and Red Farm – that make some of the best dumplings on New York City. Featuring Chef Dale Talde and restauranteur Ed Schoenfeld.

7. Eat | Love

Dir. Kelly Le Castre, 6:57 min, NYC Premiere

Nature has already perfected the cherry tomato, the fresh sourdough, the glop of honey. But instead of examining food as an object, eating designer Marije Vogelzang examines the experience of how we prepare and share it.

8. Edward Wohl: At Home in the Shop

Dir. David Eisenberg, 10 min, World Premiere

A profile of Edward Wohl, a woodworker in rural Wisconsin who makes a line of unique cutting boards from bird's eye maple, found in stores and art galleries around the world.

9. Fac et Spera (Hope and Do)

Dirs. Florent & Remy Gaillard, 22:29 min, World Premiere

Filmmakers Florent & Remy Gaillard give you access to the estate vineyards, the winery and the universe of Maison M. Chapoutier, France's most admired winery. The film also profiles Michel Chapoutier, the head of this wine family, who has a unique philosophy on life and the business of wine.

10. FarmTina

Dir. Kelly Le Castre, 4:46 min, NYC Premiere

Martina Fugazzotto refused to allow the constraints of living in urbanized areas stop her from reaping the rewards of farming.

11. The Fermentation of Respect

Dir. Aromi Creativi, 3:31 min, US Premiere

Chef Cristina Bowerman is one of the few women with a Michelin star in Italy. The concept of respect is fundamental to her cuisine, especially the respect for her own identity.

12. Flatten

Dirs. Kay van Vree & Hugo de Kok, 1:14 min, NYC Premiere

An experimental film where curious filmmakers explore the forms and shapes foods make when you flatten them.

13. Fondue

Dir. Charles Grantham, 2:27 min, World Premiere

Food porn star Larry Cauldwell returns in a film full of succulent food, sexiness and Larry! His virility permeates the silver screen and seduces viewers with both his aura and the intrinsic romance...of fondue.

14. Fresh Berries with Roasted Almonds

Dir. Matt Checkowski, 1:00 min, World Premiere

Another one of Chef Martin Berg's culinary dreams, just backwards.

15. Growing Farmers

Dir. Michael Halsband, 17:00 min, NYC Premiere

In conjunction with the Peconic Land Trust, filmmakers tell the story of incubating new farmers on Long Island and helping them with the tools necessary to farm the land in a sustainable way.

16. Himself He Cooks

Dir. Berteau Valerie/ Witjes Philippe, 65 min

In the Golden Temple in Amritsar hundreds of volunteers prepare 100,000 free meals every day. The spontaneous choreography of many hands reveals the essence and atmosphere of this fascinating place.

17. How To Make Burmese Faluda

Dir. Sofia Carvajal, 1:52 min, World Premiere

In Burma, faluda is sold on the streets and cafes to cool down the locals on a hot summer's day. Learn how to make one for yourself.

18. I Am What I Eat

Dir. Erik Shirai, 12:04 min, US Premiere

Follow the NYC supper club Studiofeast as they create a dining experience based on the question, 'If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your last meal?'

19. JoJo's Sriracha: Bringing More Hot Pepper Flavor To The Party

Dir. Liza de Guia, 8:30 min, US Premiere

Meet Jolene Collins, the founder and artisan behind Jojo's Sriracha in Brooklyn, NY. Jolene is obsessed with sriracha.

20. The Kings of BBQ: Barbecue Kuwait

Dir. John Markus, 37:30 min, NYC Premiere

Sitcom writer/producer, John Markus (Cosby Show, Larry Sanders Show), teams up with the most legendary BBQ Pitmasters in America, travel to the Middle East, and cook an unforgettable homestyle dinner of smoked brisket and chicken for thousands of US troops stationed in Kuwait.

21. Let's Get Silly

Dir. Stephanie Norris, 1:00 min, World Premiere

Don't mess with popcorn unless you want a beatin'.

22. Letting Salt Just Be Salt: Amagansett Sea Salt Co.

Dir. Liza de Guia, 7:05 min, US Premiere

Steven and Natalie Judelson are sea-salt fanatics and the husband & wife team behind Amagansett Sea Salt Co. on Long Island, NY. They are New York State's only sea salt makers and one of only four artisan salt makers on the entire Eastern Seaboard.

23. Machines II

Dir. Jennifer Kendzior, 3:50 min, World Premiere

A collage of rhythms from the smooth hills to the mesmerizing mechanics of a tea factory.

24. The Northeast Kingdom

Dir. Clyde Burley, 6:31 min, NYC Premiere

Brothers Mateo and Andy Kehler derive meaning from their daily existence working hard in a place they both love: Greensboro, Vermont, home of Jasper Hill Farm, which produces some damn good cheese.

25. Ole-Martin Hansen – The Salmon Smoker

Dir. Nikolaj Belzer, 3:51 min, World Premiere

Ole-Martin Hansen guides us around his London salmon smokehouse and the ascetic Norwegian-style cabin he has built above it.

26. One Macaron At A Time

Dir. James Reford, 4:58 min, NYC Premiere

Pastry Chef Patrick Lézé has always loved America. A few years ago he took a chance sold is business in France and moved to Palm Beach. Upon arrival he was surprised that macarons were fairly unknown. He is working to change that, One Macaron At A Time.

27. Paloma

Dir. Scott Pitts, 1:05 min, World Premiere

A beautifully blurred cocktail creation – fresh squeezed grapefruit, sliced lime, suspended salt and an epic tequila splash. Intoxicating memories of the sultry "Paloma."

28. Prohibition Bakery

Dir. Alison Grasso, 3:43 min, World Premiere

Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg make kids treats for grown-ups by infusing their tiny cupcakes with a real punch of booze at Prohibition Bakery in NYC's Lower East Side.

29. Shakycow Orange Juice Commercial

Dir. Sean O'Hara, 40 seconds

Featuring actual oranges (and assorted fruit), this quirky stop motion animation shows a world where pregnant oranges are juiced in a hospital setting and juice blends are made from fruit getting funky with one another.

30. That's Mandorlato!

Dir. Aromi Creativi, 4:30 min, US Premiere

Authentic mandorlato comes from Cologna Veneta, a small town close to Verona, Italy. The film shows how a local product is kept alive using technology, but never forgetting tradition.

31. We Are All Just Trying to Tell A Story

Dir. Pete Erickson, 1:52 min World Premiere

This film is about one of the worlds greatest jazz musicians. It just happens that his instrument is food. Features the philosophical stylings of Grant Achatz.

The Chile Film Trailer from TheChileFilm on Vimeo.