Kitchen Coaching Is Like The Home-Cooking Tutor Of Our Dreams

Following complex recipes to construct a multiple-course meal at home can be tricky, especially in a crowded home kitchen. Attending cooking classes to figure it all out can be both inconvenient and impersonal. The people behind recipe blog Big Girls, Small Kitchen may have developed a way to help individuals get used to cooking in their own kitchens.

They recently launched a service called Cooking Coaches, which aims at guiding the home cook through a meal in their own kitchen. The program's coaches are described as "brilliant home cooks, trained by their moms, spouses or culinary school professors." One session includes a night of cooking at home with a coach, complete with tips and clean-up.

The program is available in the greater New York metro area (though they are already looking to expand) and costs between $175 and $240, depending on the chosen menu. For more information, visit BGSK's Cooking Coaches section. Check out a video preview of the service below.

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