What Did President Theodore Roosevelt Eat In 1902? The Answer May Surprise You.

Think back to 1902 for a minute. Okay, we know you didn't have Internet listicles back then. But all those creative facial hair contests must have been a gas. You also may recall that rail transport was thriving and air conditioning was just being invented. But do you remember how people used to lunch on broiled fresh mackerel and roast duck with currant sauce — washed down with a cup of green tea? Don't remember? Here's a reminder.

Cool Culinaria – a website devoted to "rescuing vintage menu art from obscurity" – recently posted a full-day menu from when President Theodore Roosevelt toured through the Northwest in the autumn of 1902. And while we expected to share a chuckle over some antiquated food and beverage options (there are two types of tongue served during luncheon), we were rather surprised that the menu looks somewhat...modern and seasonal?

Sure, there's no molecular gastronomy in there, but apart from the (ambitious?) inclusions of both fish and steak for breakfast, his selections are quite balanced. Apples are featured throughout, which tips to a more seasonal approach (though, that's the way people ate back when). Replicas are available for purchase through Cool Culinaria starting at $28.

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