The K-Food World Festival Wants To See Your Best Kimchi-Inspired Cooking Moves

Korean food is sort of having a little moment these days (certainly not as much as Thai; see here and here and here). But as we've covered on this site, there is much more to thinking about Korean than barbecue. See: 7 Korean Restaurants That Think Outside The Lettuce Wrap. With this in mind the having a little moment in mind, the Korean Culture Service New York, in congruence with the Consulate General of Korea, is hosting a cooking competition that will send one winner to represent America at the K-Food World Festival in Seoul in August.

Here's the deal. Contestants must first submit an application (PDF) including an introduction video describing his/her background and passion for Korean food. This is due July 12. If selected, the contestant will compete in the Preliminary Competition in New York City — held on July 21 at the International Culinary Center in Manhattan.

So, about the cooking. Competitors must prepare one Korean dish falling in one of four categories — bibimbab (rice bowl), tteokbokki (rice cakes), bulgogi (grilled and marinated sirloin) and kimchi. Dishes should be creative and show the chef's personality and creativity (not necessarily authenticity).

The winner of the July 21 competition will be automatically eligible for a trip to South Korea, August 12 to 17. As in, flown to Korea all expenses paid to compete along with the winners from the other dozen participating countries during a grand final held on August 16. The grand prize winner of that competition wins $10,000. There will also be a grand culinary tour of the country with Korean food figures. We're pretty sure the Guy Fieri of Korea will be hanging out at some point.

So, to review, here's what you do. Fill out the application and include a short iPhone movie and your best Korean-inspired dish. Email to: If selected, you will compete in New York City on July 21. Note: Out-of-town applicants are eligible, you just must get themselves to NYC. If you win then, it's off to Korea. Good luck! For more information, visit:

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