Foie Moi: 5 Reasons Aliens Will Someday Happily Devour My Liver

I am very proud of my liver. It allows me to drink and really gives me no trouble. Once when I contracted the kind of mono only living in an NYU dorm during a summer internship can incubate, my liver swelled up so huge I could see it poking slightly out of my abdomen. I was happy to see it — heyyy buddy! Who's a liver? We got through high school and college together and I will always be grateful for its filtery goodness and steadfast reliability.

Should aliens someday infiltrate our planet and eat us, I am confident, so long as they butcher us properly and don't just toss us down like popcorn, that my liver will be especially prized. As you might imagine, I eat some pretty great stuff. Great stuff makes for a great liver. Great livers make for happy aliens, happy aliens make for...what the hell is this phantom Stockholm Syndrome I'm already experiencing? What did I fall asleep watching last night?

Anyway, I nominate my liver for their gustatory delight with the highest standards of quality assurance. Here's why:

  1. My hard alcohol consumption is limited to a couple of gin cocktails now and then, I'm really more of a beer/wine gal. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of a pathetic drinker for a food writer. Except this one time.
  2. My corn consumption is through the roof, as I typically avoid wheat. If you could apply the gavage technique to pork tamales, I'd be completely down.
  3. I drink 3-5 cups of strong green tea every day. That is one oxidant-free liver, I tell ya what.
  4. I am more or less entirely sedentary, save for a twice-weekly trip to the expensive hamster wheel known as New York Sports Club.
  5. Other delicious things I eat frequently enough that I'm confident my liver would be among the tastiest of the apocalypse: oysters, ghost chilis, jamòn, stone fruit, eggs from super-happy chickens and again, pork tamales.

I always thought my demise would be food-related, not lame like the worst food poisoning ever (which by the way, I survived in Morocco, thanks camel brains), but like, accidentally ground into very attractive sausage, or purposely braised in red wine after being knocked unconscious with a sausage. Definitely sausage-related. And if it comes to pass that aliens come in search of our most nutritious innards, I'd like mine to go out with dignity.

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