10 Recipes With Cilantro (Or Is It Coriander?)

We'd like to clear something up that's been bugging us for quite some time. Cilantro, coriander or both? Some facts:

  • Cilantro is a fresh herb.
  • All cilantro is coriander, but not all coriander is necessarily cilantro (yet).
  • Coriander can refer to the herb itself or its whole or ground seed, which is commonly used as a spice.
  • You will never see the spice referred to as "cilantro seed," only coriander seed or simply, coriander.

And speaking of cilantro, have you noticed how many summer dishes make great use of its unique flavor? It's an often-misunderstood herb that's such a crucial part of salsa, gazpacho, chimichurri sauce, veggie burgers and more. We like it in cocktails, pesto and Indian snacks, too. Pick up a bunch at the market tonight and try out one of these 10 recipes that bring out the refreshing, grassy flavor of this abundant and easy-to-use ingredient.

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