The Kenzo Menswear Show Just Went Down. A Fruit Carpet Was Included.

The mere mention of a Parisian runway show is enough to elicit rampant excitement from the vast majority of those who pride themselves on being in the know in the world of fashion. Add on a full-length carpet made entirely of fresh fruit and we've got quite the event on our hands (See pictures below).

The Kenzo Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Show took place on June 28 at the Academie Fratellini in Paris and boy, do the French know how to ring in the new season in style. Bob's Juice Bar – a Food Republic favorite – provided various juices for guests, who were invited to sample fruit directly from the awe-inspiring carpet. And all this for a good cause. The fresh produce included in both the rug and the artistically-designed stands was donated after the show to the Red Cross. Villa Eugenie was responsible for the night's scenography, and a video recapping the event can be seen here.

Fruit from the colorful carpet was donated to the Red Cross at the conclusion of the evening.[/caption]
Bob's Juice Bar was on hand to serve various juices to the night's guests.[/caption]
Guests were encouraged to pluck at the fruit from both the stands and the carpet.[/caption]

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