3 Things You Need To Know To Make Boozy Popsicles Work

It's hard to celebrate Frozen Drinks Week without considering the boozy popsicle. In theory, the boozy cocktail is amazing —a cocktail that never warms up and encourages swift and enthusiastic consumption. But in real life, the alco-pop is a tricky devil that'll take a few times to master. For instance: did you know that alcohol doesn't freeze? Yes, it's a shame. But there are certainly ways around that, ways we're willing to share with you for the greater good.

Memorize these three crucial points, and you'll never scoop partially frozen booze-slush out of a poor defenseless popsicle mold ever again:

1. Drink in moderation

...when it comes to popsicles, geez, let me finish. If you use more than a teaspoon of booze per pop, it simply won't freeze, the stick will slide right out and you'll have to dig all that good stuff out with a spoon (oh no!). So if you're looking to get hammered off a couple of popsicles, it's not going to happen.

2. Stick to the plan

Your success at this endeavor lies largely within the stick. Wooden popsicle sticks, available at any crafts store by the 200-pack, provide the friction necessary for the pops to stick. The liquid creeps into the wood's pores, freezes into it and contracts. Other sticks that come with popsicle molds have holes, which the liquid can freeze through, making for a nice firm grip.

3. Don't cause separation anxiety

So you've used the right stick, didn't add too much booze and didn't keep opening the freezer to "check how they're doing." Don't mess up your streak by trying to yank one of your frozen treats out of the mold — all boozy popsicles are vulnerable to the dreaded "stick separation." Instead, run the bottom of the mold briefly under hot running water, then tug gently until the pop slides out.

Try out your technique with these recipes: