How A Professional Pastry Chef Makes Stoner Ice Cream. And You Can Too.

According to a lengthy biography on the Star Chefs website, pastry chef Katy Peetz moved to New York City in 2008 to attend culinary school and later intern at Blue Hill. After traveling through Chile, she returned to NYC to join the line at Roberta's as a cook, then pastry chef at the restaurant's tasting menu–only offshoot Blanca. Peetz has since left and is working on launching a pop-up in Williamsburg. So the point of all of this? Somewhere along this winding road she invented a D.I.Y. recipe for version for weed ice cream.

The full recipe is available on the Fader website, but we can tell you that it requires an ice cream machine and a bit of patience. The easier version is what we'd describe as a weed slushy, which incorporates Peetz weed cream (2 cups heavy cream; 5-10 grams marijuana), coconut milk and crushed ice. But, really, if you have the time go all the way. Drop a scoop in root beer and let the afternoon melt into morning.

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