Why Does Oregon Get To Sell Growlers Of Wine? Consider Us Jealous.

Okay folks, we are behind! Yes, yes New York City is the greatest city in the world and so forth. But we don't yet have take-out growlers of wine. Oregon, let us into your party! Yes, thanks to the recently signed House Bill 2443, a.k.a. "the wine growler law," bars and shops in Oregon dispensing wine on-tap can now fill growlers to go. Or to drink right there, whatever. This also applies to the state's standout craft cider culture — Oregon's a shining example of everything right with the Northwest Cider Association — which means more people will be drinking more excellent wines, ciders and yes, possibly even more craft beer since everyone will just be walking around with growlers, making friends, enjoying the outdoorseyness of it all...

Look, I'm trying not to be bitter, there's nothing I can do but slip one of these "sneak attacks" over my craft beer can and drink poutily in public out of spite. I just took my own growler to the "fill station" at Duane Reade. It was boring, tedious and I didn't leave with two gallons of delicious, delicious Oregon pinot.

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