Dammit, Canada, Let Us Into Your Ethnocentric Molson Fridge!

Happy Canada Day, everyone. Er, wait. Damn Canadians!

According to FOODBEAST, there was a cooler full of free beer making its way around Europe. Sounds awesome, right? Good timing, too; it's been hot out there. Sadly, neither they nor you can have any. Unless, of course, you happen to be Canadian. Molson, that light, light beer some people love, has locked us out of their beer cooler. Maybe it's time to stop making fun of it. It's actually remarkably inoffensive, like Canadians.

Only swiping a valid Canadian passport will open the fridge to reveal the more or less tasty beer within. The message of the campaign was truly heartwarming: to bring Canadians (Molson's only market) all over the world together over a cold one. Or, as interpreted by me: backpacking around Germany? Reinheitsgebot be verdammten, see where that Molson fridge is tweeting from and drink out in the cold, buddy.

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