Taste Test: Polar Seltzer's New Summer Flavors

All seltzer is not equal. Some is homemade. Some is made elsewhere. Some is Polar, and that's some lucky carbonated water indeed. They've got flavored seltzer down to a science. Polar has released dozens of themed special edition flavors — holiday, New England and especially summer — and we just got three of them. Thankfully we had some vodka lying around too, cause I mean, straight seltzer first thing in the morning? Oh, we have toast? Okay good, let's do this.

Ginger Lemonade

I was expecting something sweet and soapy — fake ginger flavoring tastes like soap to me — but I got neither. It's clean, smooth and piney, a little like unsweetened ginger beer, but obviously far less intense. I happily made this into the lowest calorie Moscow Mule I've ever consumed. I can see it finishing off a delicious Tom Collins, too.

Piña Colada

Mmm! This marks the first time carbonated water has caused me to fantasize about being slathered in coconut sunscreen lying in the sun eating pineapple. I would drink this on the beach anytime. And unlike an actual piña colada, there's no sugar in this stuff, therefore mixing it with vodka (or rum, which we also happen to have handy) will result in far fewer good Hamptons stories. Something to take into consideration.

Cucumber Melon

Upon twisting the cap, you'll be rewarded with a satisfying hiss and a blast of fresh cucumber scent. Very pleasant. Crisp cuke and sweet watermelon (think gum, not fruit) mingle together and linger without overstaying their welcome — it is still seltzer, after all. Pour LOTS of vodka in with crushed ice, a chunk of watermelon and slice of cucumber for an addictive poolside drink involving 0.05% effort.

Conclusion: while tonic is wonderful and everything, sometimes the hottest weather involves the lightest touch.

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