Would You Ride Around On A Meatball Sub Skateboard?

Meatball Shop co-owners Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow make tasty meatballs by night, skate by day.[/caption]
Ace NYC skate company SHUT teamed with the ball-lovin' dudes to make decks that look like meatball subs.[/caption]

Earlier this year, we caught a tweet from the always amusing @meatballers account that Meatball Shop maestros Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow were collaborating with the venerable NYC skate brand SHUT to produce skateboards that look like meatball subs. Which is awesome.

We tracked down the photos from the guys at SHUT awhile back, and now that it's Go Skateboarding Day, it seems like a great time to run 'em. Oh, and in case you're interesting in copping a ball board yourself, this weekend SHUT and The Meatball Shop are selling the boards for a mere $30 each. Add in a delicious Meatball Shop sub and that's still under 40 bucks!