Hotel Prahran In Melbourne Has That Bold Australian Design Sense We Like

Out-of-towners might be surprised to learn that Melbourne's Prahran Hotel isn't a hotel at all —it's a pub. Still, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cooler venue for lingering over drinks. Its exterior alone reveals why design fiends and trendsetters have been flocking to the newly renovated space since it reopened earlier this month: 17 and a half concrete tubes, each weighing between four and seven tons each, stand as massive circular windows looking out from the building's front façade.

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The two-year project, designed by Techne Architects, was a back-breaking endeavor, both in concept and execution, says co-owner Matt Mullins. "We had the pipes custom-made and brought in on three semi-trailers and it took 11 days and nine riggers to install them. No one had attempted this anywhere on earth — we were making it up as we went along," he adds.

But the payoff is visible. Several of the cylinders serve as booths for more intimate gatherings, while one half-pipe dangles above the main space for private parties. Check out the images below.

"We wanted to create something no one had ever seen in a Melbourne pub," says co-owner Matt Mullins, who clearly isn't shy of a design challenge. "Bold architecture can sit comfortably within a traditional pub, creating something completely new for locals to experience."[/caption]
Timber paneling and leather banquette seating dress up the pipe's interiors for some very sleek-looking booths.[/caption]
A view from the floor of the pub's new extension. (Photos: Peter Clarke Photography)[/caption]

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