Video: The Extreme Creation Of Porchetta Di Testa. Blow Torches Involved.

Warning: This video is graphic. Vegans should probably look away.

It's not everyday that you'll see a tatted-up chef riding a Harley Davidson through a busy city, whole pig slung over his shoulders. Yet that's just what we see in this video below from Long Island City restaurant Alobar. In the three-minute clip, Executive Chef Ian Kapitan picks up a D'Artagnan hog and throws it over his back for a motorcycle ride into Queens.

It is truly astounding to see the effort that goes into a serving of a single dish – how an entire animal can travel from the back of a delivery truck (or, a hog) into a kitchen and eventually onto a plate as breaded pork loin wrapped porchetta di testa. This, folks, redefines the whole "farm-to-table" concept.

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