20 Food And Drink Items Feeding New York City Tech Startups. And It's All Free.

If you spend any time clicking around Mashable — or hanging out at the bottle-service clubs in Williamsburg — you know that we are in the middle of a major tech boom. Not unlike the early 2000s, startups are being fire-hosed with cash to spend on their big ideas — and those big ideas need nourishment. And buttercream cupcakes. And a Pinkberry station. And plates of bacon.

In an exhaustively research story in today's New York Times, writer Molly Young details the food that is being served as some of the more prominent tech companies. (She's also a part of the story herself as an employee at online eyewear company Warby Parker). The story is worth a read, but for quick reference, here are the 20 gratis food and drinks on the menu:

1. Warm cookies from Levain Bakery [Warby Parker]

2. Buttercream cupcakes from Levain Bakery [Warby Parker]

3. Barbecue [Warby Parker]

4. Pinkberry station [Warby Parker]

5. Popcorn [Cisco]

6. Shrimp gumbo and quinoa salad [Squarespace]

7. Tecate and Red Bull [Squarespace]

8. Seltzer on tap [Tumblr]

9. Bacon by the plate [Tumblr]

10. Pastries with high-end coffee [Tumblr]

11. Chobani Greek yogurt [Tumblr]

12. Siggi's Skyr yogurt [Zoc Doc]

13. Cold-brewed coffee at all times [Bitly]

14. Cappuccino from a Jura Impressa X9 Platinum [Bitly]

15. Beer on tap [Artsy]

16. Champagne [Birchbox]

17. Aromatic, malty IPA on tap [Tumblr]

18. Whiskey and tequila always available [Thrillist]

19. Juice Press juices in their communal fridge [unnamed company]

20. And we would be hypocrites to not mention the free, always available, craft beer (Lost Tribes) at Food Republic HQ (we operate out of the We Work shared office space). It does come in handy during the creative process.