How To Drink Cans Of Craft Beer In Public. Not That We Endorse This.

Have you always looked for a way to discretely enjoy a couple cold ones on the train? Are you tired of being slapped with those pesky "citations" for drinking in public? (Note: We're not speaking from personal experience, of course). We have found a solution that might actually work.

From our friends at Fancy comes the beer can concealer, a cover that is custom fabricated from an authentic Coca-Cola can and modified to hide 12-ounce beers. A simple slip-on transforms your favorite canned IPA into an unsuspicious can of Coke, sure to draw the stink-eye from no one (except, perhaps, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is out to rid the world of sugary beverages). Cheesy? Yes. Genius? Maybe.

Our only bone to pick with the novelty item lies in its marketing. There's really no need to explicitly point out that you can now imbibe "in front of children." Especially if you're going to subsequently flip-flop and claim, "illegal use is not encouraged or condoned." Riiiight. Retailer Hide My Beer takes it a step further, with small print reading: "You as the buyer will assume all and any liability and responsibility that may arise from the use of this product financial or otherwise." That "otherwise" at the end? That includes what will undoubtedly transpire when an un-amused city cop discovers you downing a six-pack in the middle of a playground.

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