Bored At Work? Ben & Jerry's Wants Your Help With City-Themed Flavors.

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry's has announced that they are creating a line of city-themed ice creams, and are looking for some help. Why spend your lunch break reading about N.S.A. leaks or filling out MLB All-Star ballots when you could be voting on spoonable caramels versus waffle cone pieces for the New York City frozen yogurt flavor?

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The company is releasing ice creams specific to five cities: New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Individuals are invited to vote on ingredients in each, with hopes that the cities' personalities will emerge in the voting process. [Note: While "Frozen Greek Yogurt" trails "Ice Cream" by a good 5,000 votes as the New York flavor base, we at Food Republic hold strong in our steadfast support of the former.] In addition to determining the base flavor and toppings for each city, participants are encouraged to come up with names for the new custom blends and share them on Twitter.

So, how do you vote? Head over to the City Churned section of Ben & Jerry's website to cast a ballot. Voting ends at various points during the summer, depending on the city.

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